Story | August Spark


Our story starts with your story. Your business.


Building a business is hard and requires tireless effort. As entrepreneurs, we appreciate and celebrate the journey that you have been on.  August is the recognition of this journey.

When you decide to sell, we are the Spark that will catapult your organization forward. Through our consulting and executive level experiences, we bring tangible and practical support to the companies we own.

We are former entrepreneurs, business advisors, and executives who work hands-on to help organizations chart and execute growth. We understand that your business is your legacy and we focus on the needs of your customers and your employees with intention and care. We are energized by making businesses better, by doing more. Even great businesses can improve and doing that work is our craft.


We are not private equity.

We are not independent sponsors.

We are not a search fund.  


We are the next generation capital provider. As a family office, we take a long-term view and make investments today in growth for the future.

Our Priorities

Choosing a partner who understands your business and can be the catalyst for its future success is imperative. At August Spark, we focus on a few key elements that are essential for a company’s long-term prosperity and growth.

Strategy is all about focus and prioritization. We will help you develop a solid and targeted plan that focuses on key opportunities to maximize value while avoiding noisy distractions.

Sales and Marketing are key to retaining customers and brand awareness. Hiring, training and motivating sales people is challenging but essential. Our backgrounds give us a unique perspective to the obstacles that small and medium size businesses face.

People and Culture is the foundation of any great business. Fundamentally, we believe that if you take care of your employees they take care of your customers. Through our experience as business owners and leaders we understand that creating a great place to work is also great for business results.

Digitization is about harnessing technology to serve business needs. We have the skills to help you select and implement the best tools for your company to increase sales, improve efficiency and reduce costs.