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Recruiting and Intern Program

Our intern program is an integral part of our success.

We love the energy, creativity, and contributions we get from the college and graduate students supporting us. From impressive universities such as NYU, Fordham, Columbia, and Baruch, we look for interns who think and act like full-time employees. Through a thorough onboarding process and regular check-ins at the partner level to ensure learning and progression, our interns do meaningful work that benefits both them and August Spark.  

Our internship is perfect for finance, marketing, business, and communication majors. It is also ideal for smart and talented students who aren’t sure what they want to do post-graduation.

If you want to join our team, feel free to submit your resume via Handshake or through your school’s job portal and tell us why. Assuming you meet our basic qualifications, we’ll invite you to join one of our webinars where we’ll let you know more about our firm and learn about your candidacy.