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Our Third Deal: WebLinc’s Internal Commerce Agency

April 2019 – We are excited to announce our third acquisition, the internal commerce agency of WebLinc Corp. Through this transaction, BVAccel, our first acquisition, will gain a 35-person team based in Philadelphia, PA, which will strengthen our technical capabilities and eCommerce service offering. BVAccel will support merchants running on the Workarea Commerce Platform, while […]

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Our Second Deal: Katana

April 2019 – We are excited to announce our second acquisition, a digital media agency in San Diego, CA, called Katana. Katana will be integrated into BVAccel as the next step in our mission to provide a one-stop shop to eCommerce merchants by creating a single agency that can handle storefront, digital marketing, Amazon, and […]

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Our First Deal: BVAccel

August 2018 – We are excited to announce our first acquisition, an eCommerce development and marketing services company called BVAccel. Headquartered in San Diego, CA BVAccel is the best at leveraging the Shopify platform for brands like UNTUCKit, MVMT Watches, Tommy John, Rebecca Minkoff, Hint Water and more. The company has also offers a robust marketing […]

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7 Tips for Management Calls

May 2018 – After reviewing a teaser or confidential memo and conducting preliminary analysis on an opportunity of interest, we typically request a management call. We feel it is very important to hear the story directly from the team and to build rapport. Our goals for this call are simple yet critical in order for […]

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Talk About the Competition

April 2018 – Talking about your competition can be uncomfortable and we understand your hesitation. However, the reality is you are competing with someone. Knowing your competition demonstrates that you have a realistic view of your firm, a solid understanding of your market, and the ability to have a candid conversation with a potential partner. […]

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2018 Strategic Plan

February 2018 – Strategic planning is important, yet oftentimes it is poorly done.  In my prior business it took me years to develop a blueprint. Then, I made the very common mistake of making everything a strategic priority, which meant nothing was. The final result lacked input and support from team members and I didn’t […]

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