Criteria | August Spark


Investment Criteria

If your business services, marketing or media services firm has between $2 and $10m in profitability and you find yourself saying the following, we would like to talk.

  • “We are experts” – Your customers tell you, your employees carry it as a badge of pride, even your competitors begrudgingly note it.
  • “We could do so much more if we had X” – X being more sales and marketing horsepower, help with planning and strategy, recruiting and hiring expertise or adding new systems and technology.
  • “We have great customers” – Your customers are leaders in their own industries, are growing, have big budgets, and have lots of problems (aka needs).
  • “We have great people” – We believe in creating a company culture that makes folks want to come to work every day. Taking care of your people means they will take care of your customers and everyone wins.
  • “We are easy to work with” – We select companies that have similar values as our own. We take our work seriously but have a relaxed and friendly approach.

Fine print:

For those who need a checklist – we tend to look for companies with $5m+ in revenue, high gross margins (35%+), US-based (preference for northeast/mid-Atlantic), and seeking new control owners.