2018 Strategic Plan | August Spark

2018 Strategic Plan

February 2018 –

Strategic planning is important, yet oftentimes it is poorly done.  In my prior business it took me years to develop a blueprint. Then, I made the very common mistake of making everything a strategic priority, which meant nothing was. The final result lacked input and support from team members and I didn’t course correct when I should have.


I am thrilled with our 2018 plan because it is concise, relevant, achievable and gives us clear direction. Like most things, Stephen deserves 90% of the credit for putting this together. Our plan for 2018 is easy to remember. It all starts with the A, B, C’s.

A- It is essential to create a system for a critical process until it becomes a distinct project. Each task must be undertaken with a mindset of repeatability so we can minimize our input and risk of error while maximizing the output. Through automation we focus our team on the high value tasks like building relationships, learning, listening, engaging and more.

B- We have spent considerable time developing our brand identify, name, website and more. Our market is very crowded and commoditized, which means you need to stand out and have clear differentiation. We expect to raise our voice in the industry through public speaking, writing, and more.

C- We will make our first investment in 2018.  We know the type of company and team we wish to partner with.  It is that simple, we hope!